Five Things to Know When Selling Your House

Five Things to Know When Selling Your House

Selling your home involves much more than just listing your property with an estate agent.

Over the past few years, the market has become more volatile and so potential buyers tend to be more demanding than ever when it comes to making an investment and buying a home.

However, you can get ahead of the game and stand a better chance of selling your home quickly and easily (and with a better return on your initial investment) by following a few simple steps before you put your house on the market.

Here are our five tips that can help:

1. Find the right estate agent for you

If you want to have the best experience when you sell your home, make sure you choose carefully which estate agent to list your home with.

Start your search by asking friends and neighbours for recommendations. Keep your eyes open for ‘for sale’ signs in people’s front garden’s and watch for flyers coming through the letterbox.

First create a shortlist of around six estate agents, then begin to narrow down your selection. Speak to the agents themselves, visit their offices if you can, and ask plenty of questions before you decide.

Make sure that your chosen estate agent provides the highest level of professionalism and service and that they are registered with an industry body such as NAEA or RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Integra Financial Ltd has no control or responsibility for these pages you may access or to where any subsequent links may take you.



2. Give the garden the attention it needs

Boost your ‘curb appeal’ and create a fantastic first impression by giving the outside of your home some TLC before you put it on the market. When potential buyers first see your house, the last thing they want to see is a lot of work. And a garden with weeds and long blades of grass almost scaling the walls of your house may put that thought into their heads.

You do not have to do a full-on garden makeover – according to the lawnmower specialists at Mowers Online (Integra Financial Ltd has no control or responsibility for these pages you may access or to where any subsequent links may take you) are a few basic things that you can do to stay on top of your garden maintenance, such as raking any leaves, trim the hedges, remove debris wind has blown into your garden and pull out as many weeds as you can.

Once you’ve done this, consider planting colourful flowers, repainting the front door and garage, and replacing your home number to really give the outside of your home a facelift.


3. Depersonalise the inside of your home

Potential buyers need to picture themselves enjoying your space before they can consider buying the property.

An effective way to do this is to remove your personal items such as photos, family artwork and other similar items and pack them away somewhere safe.

Clear tables, windowsills, worktops, desks and other spaces of the everyday clutter that we all accumulate and ensure everything is tidy and organised. Also consider packing away any excess furniture so you can help your home appear more spacious and appealing to the buyer.

This is also a great excuse to do a spot of decluttering. Sort through your possessions and donate or sell any that no longer bring you joy. It will make your house move much easier and help improve the appearance of your home.


4. Clean, clean, clean

Make sure your home looks sparkling clean and fresh and appeal more to the potential buyer by giving it a good clean before you put it on the market.

Start by deep cleaning your home and vacuuming those difficult corners, removing sneaky cobwebs and even dusting those hard to reach places. Also remove any unsightly stains from the carpet, remove any mould and replace or clean the grouting in the bathroom and kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to hire a professional cleaner if this all sounds like too much hard work.


5. Repair and replace

Put the final touches to your home by repairing and replacing as much as you reasonably can before you start showing viewers around.

Replace the lightbulbs if they’ve blown, update damaged fixtures and fittings, fix that leaky tap, repair that lock or make sure those sliding doors work smoothly. Repair the black grouting in your bathroom, make sure that window closes and ensure that your home looks as ‘perfect’ as it possibly can.

If you can, consider giving the place a quick lick of paint to freshen everything up and help the space feel more like a blank canvas to the potential buyer.

Selling your home can often feel overwhelming and time consuming. But this needn’t be the case.

Choose the right estate agent for your needs, spruce up both the interior and exterior of your home and dedicate time to decluttering and cleaning so you stand a better chance of getting the best possible return for your investment.


Guest blog by Ella Hendrix for Integra Financial Ltd. 

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